Moving House Checklist

Where do you start? Packing up your entire house contents can seem like a daunting task, but if you start early and pack a little at a time you will soon have the job done. We can supply you with packing materials or if required we can provide a packing service

On your marks:

• Let us know if you require boxes, tape or packing containers, and arrange when it is convenient for these to be delivered.
• Start packing things that you will not need before moving i.e. dinner service, ornaments, photo albums etc.
• Your attic is also a good place to begin, you can also clear out anything not going to your new house.

Get set:

In the run up to your move here are a few things to remember.
• Inform utility companies and banks & building societies about moving, also inform the postal office of your change of address if redirection is required.
• Give your phone company notice of your intended date for moving.
• Arrange gas meter reading, and the disconnection / reconnection of appliances.
• Confirm with your solicitor when you can collect your keys of your new home this will hopefully avoid waiting time.
• Inform us if access or parking will be a problem at either property.
• Inform us of any furniture that may need dismantled.
• Inform us if there is a piano so specialist equipment can be brought on the day.


On the day of your move you can leave all the hard work to us. Here are just a few things to remember.
• Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes, toiletries etc also anything you may need on the arrival to your new home toilet roll, kettle etc
• Ensure arrangements have been made for children and pets to be cared for during the move. B-Line can lend you cat carriers if required.

• If children have a special toy or night light that they sleep with make sure it is packed separately.
• Take electric meter readings, a copy and keep one for yourself.
• If no one is moving in ensure water and power supplies are switched off.
• Make sure your old home is left secure.

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