Packing Tips

Moving home can be made less stressful by being as organized as possible, but with so many other things to think about this can prove difficult. This is the ideal time to de-clutter and avoid bringing unwanted items to your new home. Charity shops will accept clothes, toys etc, also they will collect larger items of furniture.

Packing advice

Let us know how any packing boxes you require for your moving and we can deliver them at your convenience. We can also supply other packing materials.

• Defrost fridges & freezers if going into storage. Freezers can be left filled if your new home is a short distance away.
• Place several smaller plants into a carton ensuring they stay upright and soil is not spilt. Try and avoid watering plants just before the move to avoid leakage. Ensure also garden tools are cleaned, although we load these last they will still be in the same van as your furniture.
• Drawers under beds should be emptied, but other drawers can be left filled with clothes or linen.
• Spread the load of books between boxes.
• Lamp shades should be removed and packed separately from stands.
• Pack heavy items i.e. casserole dishes in the bottom of the box.
• Mark boxes with the name of the new room it’s going too. Mark also heavy boxes or those containing breakables.
• Ensure screws etc from disassembled items are kept in labeled envelopes or bags and put in a safe place (that you will remember!)
• Tape the top and bottom of boxes with at least three strips of tape to at least half way up the box for extra strength.
• Have an idea of where you want your furniture to go in your new house, even draw out a rough floor plan as this will save time on the day.


• Glassware and china should be packed so it doesn’t clatter around in the box. Start with a generous amount of paper in the base of the box. Wrap each item individually then fill in spaces between items with paper. Put paper between each layer, finishing with paper at the top.
• Wrap plates individually in paper and place on their side.
• Wrap glasses individually and packed standing up as they are stronger than laid on their side.
• Pictures and mirrors can be wrapped in towels or blankets and placed in a flattened out box with the ends taped.
• Label all boxes containing breakables and on the day of your move inform the removal men of the same.

Packing for storage

• Ensure passports and important papers such as birth certificates, insurance details and tax books are not packed.
• Check outlet pipes from washing machines and dishwashers are emptied to prevent leakage.
• Ensure fridges and freezers are defrosted and cleaned to prevent mould.
• Plan clothes that may be required if storage extends from summer to winter or vice versa.

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